Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about tri-Pride.

Is tri-Pride for everyone? Is it suitable for families?

tri-Pride is for everyone. We strive to make it possible for all kinds of people to come together to enjoy the festival. Some events are adults-only (usually these are held in nightclub venues, or otherwise posted), but most of our events are family-oriented. We’re families, too!

I’m not gay or lesbian. I am not sure I would fit in at pride.

While pride is about celebrating diversity, it’s about inclusivity. Not only do we encourage anyone and everyone to attend, we honestly think you can be yourself and not worry too much about your sexuality or gender. We estimate 25% of attendees to our events and festival are allies, friends and families of pride, and not necessarily lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or queer-identified. In fact, tri-Pride even has a long, rich history of persons on the organizing committee who are not LGBTQ+!

Is there a fee to attend tri-Pride?

There is NO fee to attend the public tri-Pride Live Music Festival. Food, beverages, some activities and other merchandise are often available for purchase at our events, at your discretion. Some other individual events may have a ticketed entry fee. At fundraisers, we encourage you to empty your pockets for a good cause!

How can you throw so many events?

The tri-Pride board of directors doesn’t throw all of these events. Events indicted as ‘tri-Pride’ events are indeed organized and deployed by the organization. However, tri-Pride is also about many independent events which happen during the tri-Pride Festival week and beyond — sometimes these events donate proceeds in support of tri-Pride, and sometimes they are simply grassroots events that wish to benefit from levering tri-Pride’s extensive networks and brand – as long as they are non-profit or profit-sharing in nature. If you’re interested in partnering with tri-Pride on an event, let us know.

Why do the gays need a festival/parade?

This is always a question of topic. tri-Pride believes that homophobia exists, that it negatively affects us all, and that one way of doing something about it is once a year creating a strong, positive venue where sexual and gender orientation, homophobia, and community-building are the focus. Popular media has generated a perception of what the rainbow community looks like, stereotypes persist, and many still live in fear, in silence, and invisibility. tri-Pride is about being visible and seeing the rainbow community reflected in the broader community in which we live and work. It’s where LGBTQ+ persons meet, create bonds, make friends, express themselves, forge leadership, and participate together in a safe space. It’s grassroots, it’s community-led, it’s by for and of rainbow people and allies. Without pride, rainbow people would be more isolated, less likely to encounter one another, and less confident in the understanding of our shared experience.