Mission, Vision, Values


tri-Pride brings together events, networks, resources and people to create a vibrant, collective Rainbow culture in Waterloo Region.


We envision a Waterloo Region where Rainbow persons are positive, visible and fundamental, and where the Rainbow Community sees itself reflected in our shared community mosaic.


We believe the Rainbow Community is an important part of Waterloo Region

We believe the Rainbow culture is distinct and has intrinsic social, historical and economic benefit to our community

We believe the Rainbow Community is a critical part of a healthy, vibrant socio-cultural ecosystem in Waterloo Region

We believe in inclusion, particularly of sexual orientation, gender expression/identity, family, religion and ethnicity

We believe systemic homophobia is real, persists and must be defeated


To create events and be a resource for Rainbow persons and groups, their families, friends and allies

To promote Rainbow positive spaces, communities and attitudes

To create and foster a vibrant network

To celebrate in a peaceful and lively manner and annual tri-Pride cultural festival

To provide a networking “hub” and referrals for advocacy

To combat systemic homophobia